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The BossLife Story

Starting out with an idea in 2014 to have a brand that represents the aspiring entrepreneur, we put together the tag line “Embrace The Grind” & called it BossLife as every young aspiring entrepreneur wants to feel the real boss life as they progress on their journey to success.

We took about two years to launch as we needed to ensure that quality was met as the brand took shape, you might notice a few things with this unique & exclusive brand.

Firstly we use the logo as a compass, this is pure to the fact that all entrepreneurs need some form of direction & the one thing that does that is a compass, hence it being incorporated in the amazing logo we have, slanted at 18-degrees it gives an indication of the western cape coast line where this idea was born.

Then the word itself is bold & stands out from the crowd, just like you young aspiring entrepreneurs should be doing, stand out & make your life amazing by being unique & exclusive in what you set out to do.

This brand was developed for you & with that every diverse aspect speaks to you,”embracing the grind’ in business, life, gym or whatever it is you set out to do, you can live the #BossLife

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